New Window Installation

Age and extreme weather causing expansion and contraction can be particularly harsh on your windows, resulting in unsightly damage and increased energy costs. Have you have noticed your window has moisture trapped between the glass? If you want to maintain your home’s look and feel, why not consider a complete window replacement?

For this, you’ll need a premier home improvement company like PNW Exteriors. We can also educate you on Energy Trust of Oregon programs. With our exceptional products from the leading window manufacturers, plus our expert team, we’ll make sure your window installation in Portland, OR runs smoothly from start to finish.


How Window Replacement Benefits You

Windows have come a long way from being openings that allow light and air into your home. Now they contribute greatly to your home’s beauty, comfort, and energy efficiency. Replacing your windows can boost curb appeal–in fact, because windows are customizable, you can choose units that match perfectly with your home’s architectural style.
Poor-performing windows can lose up to 35% of your heating energy in winter and 45% cooling energy during summer. Window replacement can prevent this, letting you enjoy considerable energy savings. This will depend, however, on your location and your choice of window materials. PNW Exteriors has got you covered with our replacement windows in Vancouver, WA and the greater Portland, OR area. We only offer a top-tier selection from many Local manufactures. Again, always staying Local with PNW Exteriors.

Durability, Style, and Energy Efficiency Combined

PNW Exteriors has always prioritized excellent products and services. That’s why we maintain a strong relationship with our local manufacturers. We can deal with the condensation problems, drafts, and damage to your interiors in your home. Choose from an array of styles, interior and exterior color combinations, hardware finishes, grille patterns, and glass options. If you’re aiming for historic accuracy, we have the windows you’re looking for. Our local windows are manufactured using an exclusive composite material so durable it can be shaped into any shape or size. This material offers the strength and insulating properties of wood, plus the low maintenance features of vinyl. It doesn’t crack, chip, corrode, or change shape, even when exposed to extreme weather or thermal changes. Always maintaining an airtight seal, helping prevent significant energy loss. Advanced High Performance glass takes this further. It reduces heat transfer in your home, keeping it cool and comfortable in summer, while helping retain heating energy inside your space during colder months.

Start Your Window Project Today!

When you turn to PNW Exteriors, expect only professional installations that adhere to the manufacturer’s quality standards.

We’ll also add an extra layer of protection with our own Lifetime Craftsmanship Warranty, which covers all of our installations. Contact us today at 360-521-9705 or fill out our online form to get your free estimate.

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