Professional Exterior Painting

Most reputable painters point to their credentials, awards or results to show what makes them special. Not here. We point to our people.

At PNW Exteriors, good character is our bottom-line, our starting point, and everything we do flows from that. In every situation, we seek to do the right thing for our customers, earning their trust and treating them with genuine concern.

You will simply not find a contractor who offers a better promise than our “no questions asked” guarantee.

In every interaction, we are guided by a very simple principle: Do it right. That means polite communication, honest estimates, meticulous house-care, premium materials and fantastic results. In every part of our work, if you’re not happy, we’ll make it right.

Most PNW Painting customers are people who…

  • Have busy and responsible lives and want a contractor who will do a great job with no supervision.
  • Want their homes to look spectacular, and know that it takes a special contractor to achieve it.
  • Are not only concerned with the product, but with the customer service they receive.
  • Are discerning, intelligent and detail-oriented. They want a job well-done and appreciate good communication.
  • Care more about overall value than about the cheapest price.

When we are painting your home, we take special care of your property. The paint is only applied to the proper surfaces. If you hire us for exterior painting you will not hear loud music playing, excessive talking, or see a messy job site. Instead, you will see a professional staff of painters who will properly prepare the surfaces for paint removal first, cover the areas they are not painting, thoroughly clean up each day and paint according to the best paint.

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